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You Deserve This Care!

Incredible experiences that revitalize the body and mind.

A Spa

     Near You

Unique techniques

Qualified professionals

In the heart of Dublin

Our practices and treatments were carefully designed so that you can revitalize yourself in a unique moment, with a remarkable experience, and instantly gain more energy, harmony, well-being, beauty and quality of life.

Deep Relief Spa offers a complete disconnection from the outside world, guiding you into a deep immersion for total relaxation, serving as a portal to another dimension. Secure your ticket for this journey of personal care now.

Relaxing Massage

Deep Tissue

Couple Massage

Plus, over 20 relaxation and care services for you.


1 - How can I schedule my experience at Deep Relief Spa?


To schedule your experience, simply click on the highlighted button, select your service, reserve your date and time, and make the payment. It's all convenient for you to just arrive and relax.

2 - Can I gift a service to a loved one?


Certainly. You can select vouchers ranging from 20€ to 80€ in multiple quantities.
For example, you can select 2 vouchers of 80€.

3 - Where are you located?


14 Sackville Pl, North City, Dublin 1, D01 W9W7, Ireland

4 - What are your operating hours?

Open daily from 10am to 9pm

logo-deep2 1.png
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